Guardiola is taking care of Joao Felix!

Manchester City took Haland, Alvarez, closed Koukoureja and is now seriously considering Joao Felix.

“Hot” seems to be the transfer summer for Manchester City. After the acquisition of Erling Haland, Julian Alvarez and the agreement with Mark Koukoureja, the “citizens” are seriously considering the case of Joao Felix.

This is a personal choice and suggestion of Pep Guardiola to the management, which wants to do the τί hat to the Catalan coach but will proceed with the acquisition of the Portuguese midfielder under certain conditions.

In particular, City will first wait to see what happens to the cases of Gabriel Jesούςs and Rahim Sterling that are under concession. If both are sold and extra money goes into the club’s coffers, then the management will turn on the “green light” to acquire Joao Felix from City with an amount of around 65-75 million euros that Atletico Madrid is expected to ask for.

Felix moved to Atletico from Benfica in 2019 with his transfer reaching 127 million euros.

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