Hadjipandela: Coronavirus hospitalizations are reduced, 4 people only in the Report

The hospitalization of patients with coronavirus is decreasing, said on Wednesday the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandela, who noted that at the Reference Hospital four people are currently being treated with coronavirus, while the hospital is now operating normally.

He also expressed his satisfaction with the operation of the Pediatric Ward of Famagusta Hospital, saying that its implementation was his own personal bet, while regarding the increase in hepatitis cases announced by the World Health Organization, he assured that in Cyprus there is no any suspicious incident.

Asked after the event for the 20th anniversary of Europa Donna Cyprus, which took place in Nicosia, to comment on the operation of the Pediatric Ward of Famagusta Hospital, the Minister of Health replied: “It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I have been informed that the pediatric ward of Famagusta Hospital. I think we never had a pediatric ward at Famagusta Hospital. It was a personal bet of mine the operation of the Pediatric ward there “.

He stated that tomorrow he will visit the Reference Hospital to see the ward up close, while he noted that during his visit he will see how the new Hemodialysis Unit is progressing with the purchase of the new equipment.

He publicly thanked the Director of Famagusta Hospital, Amalia Hatzigianni, saying that the new Hemodialysis Unit operates because of her persistence and will.

“If there is a will from other stakeholders in the field of health, the other bets set by the Ministry of Health will be realized,” he added.

Asked if there are still beds in the Famagusta hospital for patients with coronavirus and if there are patients who are currently being treated, Mr. Hadjipandella said that “there are four people with coronavirus who are being treated in the Reference, but added that the hospital is operating normally.

He added that during his visit tomorrow he will personally inspect its operation and whether there are any shortcomings.

The Ministry of Hepatitis is on alert

Regarding the increase in hepatitis cases, announced by the WHO, which are close to 350 and have been detected in 20 countries and if anything suspicious has been detected in Cyprus, the Minister of Health stated that there is no suspicious case in Cyprus so far, to assure that his Ministry is on alert.

“If there is any incident we will announce it”, concluded Mr. Hadjipandela.

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