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Halkidiki: Up to… 50 euros for a sunbed

Halkidiki: Up to… 50 euros for a sunbed

Citizens who will visit a popular beach bar in Halkidiki for an escape to the sea this summer should put their hand deep in their pocket.

As if the rise in fuel prices was not enough, hikers will have to calculate the expenses on the beach, which seem to be a lot for an average family or for groups of young people.

Up to 50 euros for a sun lounger in front of the sea

Indicatively, in the first “foot” of Halkidiki, which is closer to Thessaloniki, well-known beach bars charge up to 50 euros per sunbed, if located in the two front rows of the beach, as in the case of “Mamalouka Beach Bar” in Pefkochori.

The beach bars in Epanomi are on a similar scale. At “Beach House by Flamingo” it is recommended to book a sunbed, a few days before the visit, which also costs 50 euros, since it is located in the first row of the beach. If you again choose sunbeds a little behind the first row, then the price drops gradually, as the second row costs 45 euros, while in the last rows the prices range from 30 to 40 euros.

A small decrease is observed in the “Melissa Seaside Bar”, also in Epanomi, where the price of the umbrella with three sunbeds is around 40 euros.

More affordable prices in the second “leg” of Halkidiki

Although in the second “leg” of Halkidiki is observed in well-known beach bars the policy of minimum consumption or charging of the sunbed, the prices seem to be better. Indicatively, in “Talgo Beach Bar”, in an idyllic place in Vourvourou, there is only a minimum consumption of 5 euros per person, ie the price of coffee, without the customer being charged extra for the sunbed.

At “Manassu Beach Bar” on a beautiful… “hidden” beach, near Armenistis beach, the sunbeds are charged according to the order, with the cheapest being at 9 euros, while the most expensive reaches 23 euros.

Despite the fact that many beach bars raise their prices vertically for a sunbed, there are also in Halkidiki which have not yet implemented the sunbed charging policy. For example, the “Navagos Beach bar” in Paliouri has no charge on the sun lounger, nor does it require minimal consumption, although it is located in a “magical” location.

The same applies to the “Baba Beach Bar” in Epanomi, where only coffee or food is charged, but without minimum consumption.

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