Handcuffs on 58-year-old moneylender - Attacked men who owed him money

A 58-year-old man was arrested yesterday by the Police, in the context of an investigation into money laundering, extortion with threats, extortion, joint attack and money laundering.

Specifically, according to a complaint made yesterday at the Limassol Police Department, by two persons aged 43 and 49, in June 2020, they borrowed the amount of 30,000 euros from the 58-year-old, with an interest rate of 20% per month.

According to the allegations of the complainants, until today they gave him the sum of 120,000 euros, while then they were unable to pay him for two months, with the result that when they met the 58-year-old, he attacked, beat and threatened them.

The 58-year-old was arrested yesterday afternoon on the basis of an arrest warrant and was taken into custody to facilitate the investigation.

TAE Limassol is investigating the case.

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