Handcuffs on wanted for theft and traffic following citizen information

He was located after information from a citizen and was arrested by members of the Police, a suspect who was wanted in connection with investigated cases of car theft, illegal possession of property, and abandonment of a scene of a traffic collision.

The photo of the suspect was published by the Police yesterday Monday, May 9, 2022, in order to collect information that could help locate him.

This afternoon, a citizen who identified the suspect through the publication of his photo, informed the Police and the suspect was later located in an area in Larnaca. After an arrest warrant was issued against him, the members of the Police proceeded to arrest him.

The suspect allegedly drove a car on a road in Larnaca on May 7, where under circumstances under investigation, he collided with another passing vehicle. He left the scene after the collision.

Examinations revealed that the car he was allegedly driving had been stolen on May 5, while parked in an area in Paphos.

Inside the vehicle were various construction tools, some of which have been found to belong to the owner of the vehicle, while the rest are being investigated to see if they are a product of theft, as they look like tools stolen from a house in Larnaca after a burglary. of the residence.

The Kiti Police Station and the Pegeia Police Station continue the examinations.

Members of the Kiti Police Station have contacted and thanked the citizen who helped locate the suspect.
Police thank all those who contributed in any way to locating the suspect. Once located, it is not necessary to further publish his details and photo.

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