Apple restricts file sharing on iPhones in China

In addition to the titanium chassis, the rumor that the Next iPhone 15 will not have physical buttons It is one of the ones that has resonated the most among the technological community. Everything indicates that the new Apple device would use a haptic engine that would replace the classic mobile buttons. But what does this technology consist of?

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What is haptic technology?

According to Ruth Canahuire Cabello, director of the Electronic and Mechatronics Engineering careers at UTEC, it is aboutthe transmission of sensation in the touch of people, depending on the sensors used”.

“We can reproduce certain sensations, a certain force for example, or vibrations in the touch of people,” he added.

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The newspaper El Español points out that it is also known as kinesthetic communication and “can be used with other sensory mechanisms to offer the user a more realistic experience.” This technology became very popular in the field of video games thanks to various devices, such as the Nintendo Wii.

Devices it is used on

Canahuire points out that said technology is integrated into various devices. “There are cell phones, they are in the devices and in the robotics projects,” he emphasized.

But without a doubt, as mentioned before, its popularity escalated thanks to video games. The joystick of the PlayStation 5 console is one of the devices that has this technology. As mentioned by El Clarín, the player is capable of experimenting “from the slowness of driving a vehicle through mud compared to its natural terrain, the resistance of water after being launched from a hill or the sensation of pressing the trigger of a machine gun”.

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It is also present in mobile devices and is different from the eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motors that are conventionally used, that is, those that make the cell phone vibrate. The Android Police media, specialized in technology, points out that companies are now betting on haptic technology as they give a firmer and more precise response compared to ERM engines. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus is one of those that has this engine.

What benefits does it bring to users?

One of the main benefits is the improvement in the user experience. Canahuire believes that those who present “visual problems” They will also benefit from this technology.

“They communicate through vibrations they communicate through sensation, practically. The hands for them is everything because with that they can feel, so the devices that are coming out now can carry that information well ”, added.

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