He caused a disturbance and broke windows at TAEP Larnaca - 21-year-old arrested

Damage to the First Aid Department of the Larnaca General Hospital was caused by a young man who visited the site after an earlier car accident.

According to the Police, the 21-year-old rushed to the First Aid for treatment at 6:30 pm on Friday. He caused a disturbance in the Hospital premises and left only to return a short time later where he continued to cause noise and disturbance in the First Aid. Members of the Police were called to the scene, while the 21-year-old broke the window of the resuscitation area and the exit door with two fists.

The young man resisted his arrest, with the members of the Police putting him in the patrol car. While being transported to the detention area, the young man kicked the inside of the door of the patrol car, causing damage to it.

The young man then asked to return to the Hospital for treatment. The Police took him to the Hospital where for the third time he refused to cooperate and as a result they handcuffed him.

The youth was arrested for malicious damage to another’s property, causing a disturbance and resisting arrest.

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