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HERO11 Black: price and features of the new GoPro action camera

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a new camera GoPro will soon arrive in our country. This is the HERO11 Black, a camera designed to be more user-friendly for everyday content creation, whether for action activities, travel or with the family.

Among its features, we can point out a new sensor in the camera that allows videos of up to 5.3K/60 fps and images can reach 27 MP.

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On the other hand, as reported by the American company, the HERO11 Black maintains the GP2 processor, but updates and improvements have been made at the hardware and software level.

Daniel Zapata Ochoa, Regional Sales Manager of GoPro, indicated that it is the most innovative and powerful action camera on the market “because of the performance, the type of capture, the resolution of the content, and because through Quik you can have unlimited video editions, which can be done manually or automatically”.

The camera will be presented in our country on October 6. Its price will be in S/. 2,299.99. Below you can learn some additional details of the camera.

Camera and battery weight 153 grams
front screen Color LCD with live preview
rear touch screen 2.27″ diagonal
Processor GP2
microphones 3
Drums Removable and rechargeable 1720 MAH lithium-ion Enduro
Submersible up to 10 meters
video modes 5.3K60/4K120
aspect ratio (16:9) (4:3) (8:7)
digital lenses Hyperview, superview, wide angle, linear, linear and horizon lock
video stabilization Hypersmooth 5.0
Video file format H.265 (HEVC)
photo capture raw
Photo Size 27MP
Super Photo with HDR
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