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Thanks to the simple but sophisticated service, you can use a unique e-mail address for each Internet service, but at the same time use your own mailbox. If spam starts coming to one address, just turn it off.

You’ve probably read the lesson that it’s not good to use the same password for multiple services a thousand times. However, you can go even further – not even use the same e-mail address. Mac and iPhone users will have an advantage – Apple offers the Hide my e-mail service, which creates a unique address for each registration.

There is a solution for the others. The service is called Bump ( The principle is simple: Bump will take care of generating unique addresses that you will use when registering for various services. If a message arrives, Bump will forward it to your main address. Nothing is stored on the service’s servers, so you don’t even have to worry about your security.

In the form of an accessory

The application exists primarily in the form of a web interface, but also offers a useful add-on that will definitely make it easier to use. Therefore, find the button on the service’s website Download and select an add-on for your browser. Install it from the store just like any other extension. Then click the Bump icon in the browser menu 1 and select an option Sign up 2 for registration in the service.

Fill in the form in the form to which the messages will be forwarded and of course the password. Subsequently, you will find yourself in the main menu of the service. The primary button is called Create new, 3 which you generate a new address. You can influence the first part, which then allows for better orientation. 4 A dot and random letters are added after it. 5 This is in case someone registers an address with the same wording.

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