Spark seeks to foster relationships.

Unlike Tinder, this app is not intended for those looking for a partner but for those who already have one.

Diversity in sexual tastes is beginning to spread to dating apps. Far from the classic Tinder proposal, the new rivals are aimed at an audience avid for adventure.

This is precisely the role of Sparks, an app that, curiously is not directed to those who are looking for a partner, but to those who already have one and want to keep the spark burning in their relationship.

Their main goal is to make it more bearable to be in a relationship that has been going on for years, rather than out of it. Its motto is straightforward in terms of its mission: an app for existing relationships, to make them simple and fun.

The idea came when founder and CEO Ankit Nayal was using dating apps to find a partner. Ultimately, love emerged in the gym instead of through his phone screen.

Spark seeks to foster relationships.

And it was then that he realized the lack of a platform that provided added value once the relationship began. That was one step beyond your competitors.

Sparks is an application that brings together a wide variety of plans to do as a couple. Restaurants, bars, events, vacations, exhibitions, excursions, visits to museums, cooking workshops, painting, photography and other leisure activities.

Many may wonder why they need an app to help them make decisions with their partner. This application, according to its creators, is not trying to replace communication between people, but rather seeks to get rid of the commitment involved plan appointments or discover new experiences.

A profile for each member

Sparks seeks to match tastes.

Sparks seeks to match tastes.

Each member of the couple has a profile where data such as birthday and anniversary can be recorded. On the main screen, the application works very similar to that of Tinder and other similar ones. presents a carousel of activities suggested on various topics, based on the location of the user.

They contain all the relevant information, from the description of the plan to the price, hours and address. Thus, the user slides to select which activities are of interest to him and which are not.

Later, the application stores those decisions and locates the ‘matches’ of the other member of the relationship. That is, what activities have both liked. Finally, all that remains is to book and go.

In terms of the future, Nayal says he sees Sparks becoming a network of super apps that can help couples in additional ways. The app is not yet available locally.

It’s that simple, that practical. The task is to put an end to monotony, boredom and indecision when it comes to finding a source of entertainment to do as a couple.

“We want to maximize the quality of time you spend with your partner,” reads the app’s description. “No more complications. No more mundane routines.”

On the other hand, the app offers a kind of forum where it is possible to ask the community anything. Don’t know what gift to give your partner for Christmas? Ask other Sparks users for help.

The app is free and plans to raise more funding by 2023 to implement new features and improvements.

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