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How to detect if a cell phone that is sold as new is actually used

It is important to check the packaging to verify that everything is in order.

Within the category of cell phones, the used market is increasingly prosperous. The drawback arises when they are sold as new cell phones that are actually fake, stolen or refurbished. In this note, what tools does the buyer have to realize the deception.

Beyond the state of the screen and that the charging port is working properly, it is important turn on the equipment to verify that everything works correctly.

There is no test that is considered conclusive, so it is important to Pay attention to the details.

If something is unconvincing or one becomes suspicious, it is best to step aside. The main signs are:

check the box

It is important to check the packaging to verify that everything is in order.

We will have to be wary of phones that do not come perfectly packaged in their original packaging. As if the seller does not include the packagingit has probably been stolen.

In addition, the boxes must contain all accessories that must accompany the terminal, including a charger –if it is sold with it- case and headphones.

Check the IMEI code

cell codes.  /Shutterstock

cell codes. /Shutterstock

The IMEI it’s a 15 digit code pre-recorded by the manufacturer to identify each cell phone globally. It is made up of a brand and model identification code granted to manufacturers by the GSMA (Global System Mobile Association).

Its reason for being appears when the owner loses his phone or someone steals it. This numerical combination allows you to locate it and block the terminal remotely. To find out the IMEI number, just dial *#06# on the phone.

Reported and irregular teams are blocked to deal with the problem of theft and related crimes. Also, to disable your traffic on national and international networks.

The blocking is applied to the last mobile device associated with the reported cellular line, once it was reported to *910 or through the provider company.

Thus, when the IMEI is not valid, that is to say that it has not been approved internationally by the GSMA or it is detected as a duplicate, the line is immediately out of service.

Analyze components

The internal components of the mobile can be a good indication of its origin. To check this information you can install the application CPU-Zwhich is capable of analyzing the official components (GPU, screen density, RAM memory and other parameters) and comparing them with those of a factory terminal with the brand’s official specifications.

Ask about the guarantee

Do not trust expired warranties or equipment without a box. Photo EFE

If the equipment is new, be suspicious if the warranty is about to expire or has already expired. Surely they are trying to sell a stolen or refurbished mobile as new. Luckily, it is possible to check the status of the guarantee in various ways depending on the brand and model of the mobile.

The ideal in most cases is to get in contact customer service of the brand and provide the phone’s serial number to its technical support. However, if you have an iPhone it is even easier and you can do the whole process from this page.

Speaking of iPhone, a good way to tell if the phone you just got is new or refurbished is to look at the model number. To know this essential information, go to Settings and check the ‘General’ and ‘Information’ sections. There you will see the combination of letters and numbers that identify the device and you should look at the letter that heads that combination.

If that letter is M, it is a new terminal. However, the F indicates that it is refurbished, the N, that you are facing a replaced phone, before a terminal that was changed from Apple technical service because the first one did not work. If you find a P it means that the phone has been modified.

With information from La Vanguardia.


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