How to download music from YouTube to save it on my cell phone or PC?

Listening to songs is something that people do at any time, like when moving from one place to another or in order to get a little distracted from all the situations that are experienced every day. For this reason, several people search on which website or application they can listen to their favorite singers.

Through this method you will not need to download any third-party applications, you will only need to open YouTube if you are on PC and your browser. If you are on your cell phone, you need the YouTube app and a browser.

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Steps to download music from YouTube

  1. The first step is to go to the song you want to download and copy the link of it.
  2. From the browser you use open FLVTO.BIZ. and there you will have to paste the link that you copied earlier in the specific field of the page.
  3. Seeing that if it is the song you want to download, you must click on the button that says ‘Download MP3’ once fully downloaded you can find the file in the Downloads folder on your cell phone.

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  • Download songs that are free of copyright. In some cases the artists do not allow you to download songs so the process cannot be carried out.
  • Download these files connected to a Wi-Fi network to prevent them from being downloaded with an error (This is because the signal is gone or it is interfered for some reason).

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