The most destructive bomb in human history.  Russia has published a document on the Car-bomb test

Much has been written about the development and subsequent use of nuclear weapons at the end of World War II. Most of the population in question “What do you know about using an atomic bomb?” it will automatically say the names of the two cities from which it still freezes. Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But have you ever wondered if it is possible to use an atomic bomb for the benefit of humanity?

What happened after World War II

After the aforementioned use of American atomic bombs in Japan in 1945, the Soviet Union became interested in the technology, and in 1949 the final tests of the first nuclear bomb created in what is now Russia took place. Dozens of trials in both the United States and the USSR followed as demonstrations of strength. But let’s put the Cold War aside this time.

In addition to the military use of nuclear technology, the attention of the great powers first turned to the use of controlled fission to generate electricity. However, both sides have also begun research into the use of nuclear explosions for civilian purposes.

At first, civil engineering was considered, and the Soviet Union was relatively successful in this area. As part of the research, the “atomic lake” Chagan was created on the territory of today’s Kazakhstan. The 140 kt blast (Fat Man in Nagasaki had 22 kt) created a crater about 100 meters deep and over 400 meters in diameter. We write more about Lake Chagan here:

The United States has considered using bombs to build the Panama Canal, or detonating an entire mountain to obtain valuable raw materials hiding beneath the earth’s surface. Most of the time, however, considerations of this type failed on the unsolvable problem of environmental contamination.

However, it is not without interest that more than 150 experimental atomic bombings took place in civilian research in the US and the Soviet Union. Soviet scientists have indeed succeeded in finding suitable civilian uses for nuclear weapons. They began using them to extinguish gas well fires.

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