Huawei held a business event at the Hilton Hotel.

The Chinese communications giant, Huawei, held the “Eco-Partner Summit” event, where it summoned its partners from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay to present the news of the different business units in which highlighted the “power and versatility” of its services on the clouda direct competitor in a segment where Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services also stand out.

“In the era of digital transformation, Huawei will remain open and work with partners to build a win-win ecosystem. We believe that companies cannot survive and grow in the market alone in the long term, joining a sustainable ecosystem is the only way to grow and provide more value to our customers,” he said. Mitchell ZhangCEO of Huawei for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, during the opening, thus beginning the cycle of exhibitions and dissertations.

The space in the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, which brought together more than 200 companieshad an experience room, where each of the three business units showed how the new technologies and solutions work.

Huawei held a business event at the Hilton Hotel.

The proposal of Enterprise Business Group (EBG)consisted of exhibiting videoconferencing equipment systems, internal telephone communication, optical networks, security systems, servers and storage (hard drives).

EBG provides telecommunications solutions and information technologies to companies, institutions and governments through an ecosystem of local partners and integrators. It combines a series of cutting-edge products to meet differentiated customer needs and accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation of industries.

The benefits of cloud services

The presentation was led by Mitchell Zhang, CEO of Huawei for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The presentation was led by Mitchell Zhang, CEO of Huawei for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

On the other hand, representatives of the company exposed in real time the functioning of the AI ​​that makes the cloud a reliable, secure and sustainable service. HuaweiCloud It has a node in Argentina, which allows its clients to have a better experience and lower latency.

It is the first public cloud infrastructure in Latin America and reaches a speed of 1GB per second, transforming it into one of the fastest From the market. Huawei Cloud, in turn, presented the “Spark program” in December 2021, an initiative that will boost the growth of startups in the country, where the partner would receive coupons worth up to USD100,000 for Huawei Cloud per year.

Finally, Digital Power presented the operation of the Intelligent Data Center and how the nodes work. This business unit provides smart, efficient and integrated green ICT energy infrastructure solutions for different scenarios, as it is confident that the carbon neutrality offers great opportunities for development in the generation of clean energy and green information and communication technologies.

Today, worldwide, it is the second company that invests the most in Research and Development, which positions the Digital Power area and its solutions as number one worldwide.

Also, it continuously integrates advanced power electronic technologies with digital technologies. It converges the flows of energy and information to achieve “Bit Manage Watt”. Huawei Digital Power Integrated by innovations in watt, thermal, energy storage, cloud and artificial intelligence technologies, it helped its customers generate 403.4 billion kWh of green energy.

The day continued with lectures from the different Huawei Partners in this region, thus contributing to the ecosystem of partners that are aiming for economic and technological development designed for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

This event was important for the community because it was also reported that these countries account for 50% of the regional growth of Enterprise, 42% in Optical solutions, 54% in Networking solutions, 50% growth in Solar solutions, 108% in IT solutions. and 53% growth in Cloud. This means that these partners are driving digital transformation through Huawei technology, fulfilling their mission to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected and intelligent world.

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