Instagram and Facebook add new features to protect their teen users

Goalthe parent company of Facebook and instagram, announced the new measures it is implementing to protect its underage users. Among them, priority has been given to those that reinforce the security of adolescent profiles on social networks when they are visited by suspicious adult accounts.

The company has mentioned these new functions in a press release shared with the newspaper. As an added layer of protection, Meta has also tested removing the message button on teens’ Instagram accounts when they are visited by strangers.

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Tools for reporting suspicious activity

Now the adolescent users themselves can notify if something makes them feel uncomfortable when using the company’s apps. In addition, young people will be able to report accounts after blocking someone, and the networks will send them security notices with information on how to handle messages inappropriate.

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New default privacy settings

All users under the age of 16 (or 18 in some countries) will have more privacy settings by default when joining Facebook. These settings are as follows:

  • Who can see your friends list
  • Who can see the people, pages and lists they follow
  • Who can see posts they are tagged in on their profile
  • Approve posts they are tagged in before it appears on their profile
  • Who can comment on your public posts

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New functions to stop the distribution of intimate images of minors

To combat the distribution of inappropriate material, Meta works with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to help teens who are concerned about images they created that may be shared on public online platforms without their consent. The company notes that they will share more information about this project in the coming weeks.

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