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Instagram: discover how you can block direct messages from strangers

Instagram: discover how you can block direct messages from strangers

Direct messages on Instagram allow us to be closer with our friends and followers. However, the app lets us decide who can send us one, since many times these can become a big problem for users.

In some cases, DMs (Direct Message) can be a pathway for spam or cybercriminals. Through these, you can send links disguised as other things to try to steal information from us or install malware on our devices.

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How do I block direct messages from unknown accounts?

To get started, you must first decide if you want to block messages from a specific person or from all unknown accounts. Instagram It gives us the tools so that we can act against unwanted people and also for accounts in general. So if you only want to remove that option from an individual, you can use the ‘Block’ button; but If you want to prevent third parties from also speaking to you through the app, follow these steps:

1. Tap your profile picture at the bottom.

2. Look for the three horizontal bars within your profile. These are located at the top.

3. In the Menu, go to Settings > Privacy > Messages.

4. Inside, select ‘Other people on Instagram’, to finally press ‘Do not receive requests’

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in case you want block communication with your followers (which you don’t follow), just go to Privacy> Messages> Your Instagram followers> Do not receive requests. In this way, you will have a better control of who can try to contact you on the social network. And if you want to activate the option, at the time you want, just follow the same steps, but this time the last one will be to mark ‘Message requests’.

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