iPhone: 7 tricks that will change the way you use this smartphone

Users of iPhone they can get more out of it if they know how this smartphone works. Apple has incorporated functions that will allow these devices to be easier for people to use, since many of these tricks are based on specific situations.

You should keep in mind that these features are not necessarily in all versions of iPhone or iOS. For this reason, it is recommended that you check beforehand if they are available on your mobile device, since Apple constantly generates updates for its cell phones.

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What tricks hide the iPhone?

1. Automatically close Safari tabs. Do you always have several of these tabs open? Just go to Settings > Safari > Tabs > Close Tabs. Then choose how you want your iPhone to automatically close them: after a day, after a week, or after a month. If at any time you change your mind, you can also check the manual option so that they remain open until you decide.

two. Personalize your contacts. In addition to adding a photo or changing the name, you can also know who is calling or messaging you without looking at the screen. You just have to customize the type of sound you want for each one. Go to ‘Contacts’ and choose the one you want to modify. Then go to Edit > Ringtone, and choose which ringtone you want to hear for this person. Press ‘Done’ and go to ‘Message Tone’ to set the one you want.

3. Charge your iPhone faster in Airplane Mode. The fastest way to charge your smartphone. You just have to go to ‘Control Center’ and press ‘Airplane Mode’. In this way, you will disable several wireless signals. Another tip, do not use the cell phone while doing this and do not leave the screen on either.

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Four. Hide apps you don’t use. You can remove them from the home screen without the need to delete them. You just have to press the application for a few seconds, which will cause a small menu to appear. Choose the “Remove from home screen” option and that’s it. That way, you can still find it with Siri search or in the App Library.

5. Set a timer for any media. Do you listen to music to sleep and want your iPhone to stop playing it automatically, for example? Just go to the Clock app > Timer. Enter the time you want to play and then press ‘When the timer ends’. From the dropdown menu, choose ‘Stop Playing’ and ‘Schedule’. This way, the Music app will stop when the time is up.

6. Compresses the keyboard for one-handed use. If you usually type with one hand, you can move the keys in one direction so you don’t stretch your fingers as much. Just press the ‘Globe’ at the bottom left of the keyboard until the menu appears. Inside, choose which hand you are going to use the iPhone with and that’s it

7. Tag specific contacts in group chats. With so many messages, yours can get out of sight and the person you addressed could accidentally ignore it. Just use the “@name” as in any other way of communicating. This will generate a notification on the contact you tagged.

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