iPhone: three tricks to stretch your device's battery

If you are one of those who have a iPhone and you have a hard time getting to the end of the day because the battery is consumed very quickly, do not despair, there are some measures you can take beyond carrying an external battery.

Here are three tricks to help you stretch those last percentages of your team’s charge life.

However, we anticipate that although miracles cannot be performed, we will be able to make the Apple phone not spend so much.

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low power mode

The apple firm’s smartphones have developed a bass mode consumption that can be activated manually. This function was created to achieve the savings we are looking for, so it is highly recommended.

It should be noted that with this mode there will be functionalities that do not run correctly until you deactivate it, they are between them:

– 5G (except for streaming video) on iPhone 12 and later models

-Auto lock (30 seconds by default)

-Brightness of the screen

-Display refresh rate (limited to 60Hz) on iPhone models with ProMotion display

-Some visual effects

-iCloud Photos (temporarily paused)

-Automatic downloads

-Auto mail check

-Update in the background

Stop closing apps constantly

A common mistake among users is to close the application every time they can; neverthelessApple recommends against doing so unless the app in question has frozen. Part of the problem is that people think that the apps that appear in the carousel are open and working.

However, the company comments on its website: “When the list of used applications appears, the applications are not open, they are in standby mode to help you navigate and multitask”.

Therefore, if you close an application and then open it, it will consume more power than if it recovers from that state of sleep.

Check the health of your battery

If you have an iPhone 6 or later and at least iOS 11.3, Apple has placed an option to check battery health in the Settings & Battery section.

There we can see the percentage of maximum capacity. 100% would be a factory capacity state and the degradation with time of use will make it go down.

According to the company, the battery should maintain 80% during 500 charge cycles. In the event that your iPhone has less than that percentage during the warranty period, it makes it possible for you to request a replacement completely free of charge.

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