Is there a chance that the asteroid JF1 will hit the earth?  (VIDEO)

Asteroid warning issued by NASA. This one shows that he has little chance of “hitting” the Earth but if that happens energy will be released equal to about 20 atomic bombs.

More specifically, according to the British Express, it is the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. According to NASA, the asteroid JF1 is said to have very little chance of colliding with Earth on May 6, 2022.

However, in the event of a collision it will be 15 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima.

Speaking on the front page, astrophysicist Chrysanthos Fakkas said that an asteroid is characterized as potentially dangerous depending on its size, orbit and speed.

“This particular asteroid, when it was actually located, was classified by NASA as one of the most potentially dangerous asteroids to hit the Earth. It was described as very large and that possibly in 2022 on May 6, it would pass so close to the earth that one in 4 thousand would have a chance to hit the earth “.

He went on to say, “After asteroid assessments, the hazard was redefined and downgraded. And the probability of 1 in 4 thousand today is about one in 2 million “

See in the video what the astrophysicist Chrysanthos Fakkas said

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