Israel - Cyprus: Double in Israel, our national team improved!

Our Men’s National Team achieved a friendly victory, although they “beat their heart” in the end with 2-3 against the Israeli National Team, away from home. Michalis Ioannou the goal of redemption, Charalambous and Pittas the first two. Matias Spoliarits was injured.

Our national team entered the field strongly and opened the scoring early with Charalambos Charalambous of Omonia. Minas Antoniou, from the right, made the spin and with a heel-projection the ace of the greens sends the ball into the net for 0-1.

Timur’s team scored a second goal before halftime. The 0-2 came after a collaboration between two Apollon footballers. Hambos found Pitta and he, after freeing himself from the markers with a nice finish, scored the second goal for our National Team.

In the second half, things did not go well for our national team, Israel scored two goals in a very short period of time and tied the friendly with Cyprus at 2-2.

In the 66th minute, Gluch reduced the score with a powerful shot inside the area and a minute later, Maribo sent the ball into the Cyprus net from close range to level the game.

However, the two goals from the Israeli side did not distract our international players that much, who tried with two good actions by Haralambous to find themselves in front of the scoreboard again. We achieved this in the 82nd minute with a perfect shot from outside the area by Michalis Ioannou giving our National team the lead again for the final 2-3.

The compositions:

Israel: Peretz, Shlomo, Goldberg (71′ Sardal), Leidner (56′ Grekhin), Dasha (46′ Lavi/64′ Safouri)), Nacho (46′ Baribo), Gluck, D. Peretz, Sviro, Yehezkel, Altman (46′ Kanaan)

Cyprus: Dimitriou, Antoniadis, Gogics, Andreou, Antoniou, Wheeler (88′ Oikonomidis), Danilo (76′ Mamas), X. Kyriakou (73′ Ioannou), Kastanos (76′ M. Spoliarits / 88′ Panagiotou), Charalambous, Pittas (73′ Christofi)

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