Italy: Ex-mobster driver the killer of three extradited women

The man who last Thursday murdered three extradited women was arrested in Rome. It is about Gadavide De Pau, 51 years old, who in the past, according to the Italian media, was the driver of the mobster Michele Senese (“godfather” of Dragetta, the mafia of Naples), while he was also accused of rape, illegal carrying of weapons but and drug possession.

According to Italian police and the testimony of his sister, the attacker allegedly murdered two Chinese extradited women and a Colombian woman while under the influence of drugs.

“I only remember being in a house with two women, two Chinese women, but nothing else. I have a huge memory gap. All I know is that I wandered for two days, without eating or sleeping,” De Pauw told prosecutors.

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The three extradited women were murdered inside their home, with multiple stab wounds to the chest and neck. A phone call from his sister, who understood that he was out of control and extremely dangerous, contributed to the arrest of the perpetrator, as it was leaked.

At the same time, a fourth extradited woman testified to the police that a few hours after the triple murder, De Pauw met with her and told her that “a while ago he had taken the lives of three women”. “I was saved by a miracle,” said the witness.

Police authorities have not been able to find the knife used by the killer, who has since been transferred to the Regina Celli prison in Rome. The images recorded by a security camera in the Prati area of ​​the capital were also of key importance for his arrest.

Source: RES-MPE

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