Kadis: Two measures of €550 thousand for the excess of grapes

With two measures, amounting to 200 thousand and 350 thousand euros respectively, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment took charge of the problem that arose with the excess of grapes that could not be absorbed by the wineries, said the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Kostas Kadis, the manufacture.

In his statements in Drousia, on the sidelines of a conference entitled “Conservation, Management and Governance of Protected Areas – Application to the Akamas Peninsula”, Mr. Kadis stated that the first measure concerned the financing of the wineries themselves, so that they could undertake larger quantities than they would normally receive.

According to Mr. Kadis, it was a measure of 200 thousand euros, adding that with this measure many quantities were absorbed but it was not possible to absorb all the quantities of grapes.

For the grapes that were left unused, he said, an ecological measure was formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture for the ecological management of the vines. That is, as he explained, the grapes that have not been gathered in the vineyards will remain and the grape growers will receive compensation. He also pointed out that this new measure has a budget of 350 thousand euros and it is expected that it will deal with the problem that has been created.

The Minister of Agriculture added that what everyone must realize is that for the viticulture sector to be sustainable there must be sound contracts between wineries and viticulturists, so as to ensure every year that the amount of grapes produced will be absorbed.

This, he said, “we consider to be the healthiest way for the system to operate and the Ministry encourages winegrowers and winemakers to move in this direction.”

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