KSED: Rescue of "EDUARDO B" crew member - He was taken to the Hospital

The KSED issued an announcement regarding the rescue of a member of the “EDUARDO B” crew.

On November 19, 2022 at 17:50, the KSED received information about the Cypriot-flagged tugboat “EDUARDO B”, that while it was performing work near the coast, a member of its crew was found at sea.

The person was pulled out of the water and after being given First Aid, he was required to be transported immediately for medical assistance.

The KSED activated the National E-D Plan “NEARCHOS”, immediately mobilizing a speedboat of the Underwater Disasters Unit of the Naval Administration of the GEEF, to transport the patient to a hospital in the Republic of Cyprus.

At 18:30, the person was safely transported and handed over to a NHS Ambulance Service ambulance.

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