Kyiv rejects Moscow's claims of execution of Russian prisoners

Ukraine’s parliamentary human rights chief Dmytro Lubinets rejected Moscow’s claims of an incident of “execution” of “Russian prisoners of war”, saying that in the incident Ukrainian soldiers were defending themselves against Russian soldiers who pretended to surrender in order to open fire on Ukrainians.

Dmytro Lubinets said video clips presented by Moscow as evidence that Kyiv executed Russian prisoners of war actually show that Russian soldiers pretending to surrender committed a war crime by opening fire on Ukrainian forces.

Consequently, the Russian soldiers in this incident “cannot be considered prisoners of war,” he wrote in the Telegram.

“Those who want to use the protection of international law to kill must be punished,” he added.

Russia on Friday accused Ukraine of executing more than a dozen Russian soldiers who had “laid down their arms”, alleging a “war crime” based on videos posted on social media.

Source: RES-MPE

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