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  • Balanced speech

  • Codecs SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD

  • Voice assistant


  • Passive protection

  • Unlit buttons

  • The application can’t do much

LG’s products include a very broad portfolio, one of the groups being wireless speakers, which LG offers in several lines. The one marked as XBOOM GO then contains several models, differing mainly in size, performance and durability.

The XBOOM PL5 we tested is right in the middle – below the larger PL7 and above the small PL2. In all cases, the speaker is the result of cooperation with MERIDIAN, which supplied the technology for sound processing and reproduction, which should guarantee its excellent delivery.

Design and processing

XBOOM is designed primarily for carrying, and therefore its processing is adapted to this – the plastic part is wrapped in a rubberized surface for a more secure grip and impact resistance.

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The shape of the cylinder with bevelled sides has no significant protrusions that could cause a problem when transporting or pulling the speaker out of the bag / backpack. Unfortunately, there is no loop or loop for hanging. The mounted inverters are hidden under the perforated front side, on the sides you will find a pair of passive emitters with backlight.

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This place is probably the weakest link in the structure, as suspended liabilities are not mechanically protected against possible damage. On the other hand, there is a rubber door on the back of the speaker, under which there are three buttons, a USB-C power connector and a socket for a 3.5 mm jack of an external audio source.

Especially when used outdoors, you will appreciate the IPX5 certification, which guarantees protection against dust and water splashing from any direction under a certain pressure.

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The processing is at a very good level, everything fits perfectly, you will not find any will anywhere. The package includes a charging cable with a USB-C connector, a connecting signal cable with a pair of 3.5 mm jacks and instructions for use. You would look in vain for a transport bag or other packaging.

Functions and controls

There are six clearly pressed buttons on the top of the speaker, but only three of them have notification LEDs. You would look in vain for another backlight, for better tactile control there is only a small protrusion at the volume selector, otherwise you will have to illuminate it during control.

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And while we’re at the backlight – the circles with LEDs that are part of the passives can be lit with several colors and choose a light effect that changes according to the rhythm of the music being played.

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LG boasts a wide range of codecs, external source input or a voice assistant. The endurance is also good, which you can extend by disabling color flashing. It is very practical to be able to connect a pair of devices at the same time to switch playback.

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It is also possible to use the company application for control, but its possibilities are considerably limited and it is only an overview of the basic functions controlled not on the speaker, but from the mobile phone. If you do not install it, you will not lose much.


Price: from 1 590 CZK

  • power: 20 W
  • inverters: 2 × (manufacturer does not specify details)
  • microphone: yes
  • connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD
  • battery: endurance up to 18 h, charging max 4 h
  • interface: USB-C for charging
  • dimensions: 201 × 79 × 79 mm
  • weight: 620 g

Musical expression

However, in terms of sound, this crumb can surprise with a very pleasant and balanced performance, especially when listening close, it easily manages a room up to about 35m2if you would like to play more space, you will come across size limits here as well.

As part of sound editing, it is possible to activate the Sound Boost mode, which complements more higher mids and highs and completes the impression of space. Therefore, the sound is cleared, but the bass component is partially suppressed in this mode. The location of the speaker will also be very important when evaluating the sound.

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The directionality in the horizontal plane is evident here, you get a better expression by turning back slightly or placing it at the level of the listener’s ears. Thus, a speaker placed on a medium-high chest of drawers will certainly have a better expression than when placed in a lower position. If you would like a more powerful model, you can try the bigger brother PL7. Its construction is very similar, but overall it is larger and the rated power is 30 W.


You can currently buy the LG XBOOM GO PL5 speaker for approximately 60% of the original price, which is a very good purchase from our point of view. If you suffer from clean performance and high performance and screaming reproduction are not important to you, then be sure to place this model among those you should listen to.

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Reproduction is balanced and software sound adjustment (Spund Boost) adds more space and clarity, at the expense of the bass component. But when you find a suitable location near the corner of the room, you will be rewarded with denser underpants.

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