Life Awards FOODPrint 2022

CY GPP AWARDS 2022 Awards and Life FOODPrint 2022 Awards as part of European Waste Prevention Week 2022 (EWWR2022)

The Department of Environment announces the Green Public Procurement Awards (GPP -Green Public Procurement) CY GPP AWARDS 2022 in collaboration with the Cyprus Energy Office, and the Life FOODPrint 2022 Awards in collaboration with OEB and the collaborating FOODPr of Life programmers.

The organization of the Green Contract Awards – CY GPP AWARDS in Cyprus, is an important initiative for the recognition of the efforts and the environmental action of the Public Bodies and Organizations under Public Law (implemented since 2014), but also of the Private Organizations that have join the institution of CY GPP AWARDS from 2017.

In the context of this year’s event, the companies that will be distinguished from the competition for the Awards will be awarded FOODPrint 2022, which this year are co-organized with the Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) and all the collaborating bodies of the co-financed Life – FOODPrint program, in which the Department of Environment also participates.

The competition is aimed at companies that are active in the fields of hospitality, catering and catering, fall into the economic activities of Hotels, Restaurants and Food Processing Companies and stand out for their actions and practices in relation to reducing food waste and food waste.

More information about the CY GPP WARDS 2022 and Life – FOODPrint 2022 competitions, as well as their forms, can be found on the website of the Department of Environment here.

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