Limassol: Cannabis plants, cocaine and methamphetamine in the home of the 53-year-old

The Police are still looking for the 53-year-old man who allegedly ran over and injured, with his vehicle, two members of the OPE Limassol, with investigations to locate and arrest him continuing. Meanwhile, according to the Police, cannabis plants and quantities of cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine were found on Saturday at his home.

In his statements, the head of the TAE Limassol, Lefteris Kyriakou, referred to the incident, which occurred around 20:40 on Friday, when two members of the OPE Limassol spotted the vehicle of the 53-year-old, who “is known to the police authorities”, moving suspiciously on Agia Fylaxeos street.

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The police asked the driver to stop and when they approached the vehicle, the 53-year-old allegedly sped up, stepped on the foot of one police officer with the left rear wheel of the car and dragged the second one for about 50 meters, who tried to hold on. through the door and eventually bounced off and hit the pavement.

The 53-year-old lost control of the vehicle, which stopped on the sidewalk and left the scene on foot, while the two police officers were taken to Limassol General Hospital. One officer, who suffered a sprained leg, received first aid and was released, while the second is hospitalized with a head injury, friction burns to the leg, abrasions to the hands, a bruise and shoulder injury and a concussion.

The scene was cordoned off and an examination found, near the suspect’s vehicle, a box containing 11 packages of cocaine with a total weight of 6 grams, which was taken as evidence, while the vehicle was sealed and taken to the Limassol Police Department.

An arrest warrant was obtained against the 53-year-old and so far he has not been located, while as the head of the TAE Limassol said, in a search carried out today in his house, in the presence of his roommate, four cannabis plants, approximately 86 to 115 cm high, 9 grams were found of cocaine, 10 grams of cannabis, as well as 0.7 grams of methamphetamine.

All the findings were received as evidence and the examinations are continuing by the TAE Limassol in collaboration with YKAN.

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