Lullamate, the 'Tinder' that unites people who want to have children

The Spanish application Lullamate has a single purpose: to connect people who want to have children, either as a couple or without having any sentimental ties. The apps It is similar to the popular Tinder and arose from the need of its founder.

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Esther Peñavaler, a 40-year-old engineer in Murcia, Spain, sailed on dating apps for the purpose of finding a partner, But she found she couldn’t quickly mention her interest in being a mother. “I couldn’t go with the premise that I wanted to be a mother, I couldn’t tell it in the second beer”pointed to

Frustrated, she investigated and was surprised that there were projects in the application market who contacted “people with matching values ​​and who, pragmatically, have a child and share their upbringing.”

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“Anyone can look around and see that the family model that we consider normal, of a married couple with children, is not really that common and does not work for everyone. There are already many forms of co-parenting and Lullamate only facilitates contact between people interested in it”he added.

Fuensanta Megía, Peñavaler’s partner, told the outlet that the idea was a bit abrupt at first, but then she realized that the “Family diversity has permeated more and more in society”. The INE collects data from 2021, where it indicates that during that year there were almost 90,600 divorces in that country. The 57% were couples with children, where 43% shared custody.

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One of the first to try it was Carmen, who, according to El País, opted for Lullamate because in other applications she only met people who were looking for something casual, when she wanted a formal relationship. Carmen considers that the possibilities of “find someone to start a family together” are higher in said app, because both start from the interest of having children.

The application is available for devices iOS and AndroidIn fact, it was launched last October and has 600 users so far.

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