The robots will wash the dishes, clean the toys and clean the furniture.  Dyson is already working on them

Humanoid robots seem to smell just like humans when they sweat on stairs and bleed when they fight. Researchers from the University of Tokyo have been successful they cultivated artificial live skin on a robotic finger.

What is it good for? First, a silicone-coated humanoid does not look like a human, but rather an erotic device. And secondly, when a piece of such rubber falls off, you have to take the robot to a workshop and repack it. However, if it is covered by living skin with the ability to regenerate, the wound will heal in a similar way as in humans.

But this is still a distant future – now we have only been able to do it in the laboratory, in a culture dish and on a single artificial finger.

Collagen and skin cell culture

The team first grew it in a bowl on an artificial bone structure slag (dermis), or the middle connective tissue of the skin. Collagen hydrogel and living fibrous cells helped (fibroblast), which grew through it. The researchers then planted live skin cells (keratinocyte).

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Cultivation of an artificial finger

These really began to spread on the surface and created a very simple protection of internal tissues. But at the same time strong enough not to burst when the researchers bent their finger. This would be a great sensation, but the team led by the duo Kawai / Takeuchi also wanted to test the ability to regenerate.

When they cut their finger with a scalpel and covered the wound with a layer of collagen, it healed within a week – an artificially nourished fibroblast and keratynocyte helped.

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When they cut their finger and sealed it with a collagen patch, the wound healed in nutrient solution

But the basic form of skin does not end there. The researchers intend to work on its shape to look more like adult skin, while experimenting with biological sensors – nerve endings that genuine skin is full of and can sense temperature, pressure and other values.

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