Maps from new field in block six–Where Turkey and pseudo-state are targeting

Competent sources confirm the information that the Italian-French joint venture Eni-Total has identified a new deposit in sea block “6” of the Cypriot exclusive economic zone.

In addition to the new field, it seems that there are positive indications of a second column of natural gas, near the new field, without currently having precise information on the size of the field.

This important development in energy is highlighted today by the newspaper “Alithia”.

Officially, on the part of the Ministry of Energy, it is stated that there is nothing to announce at the moment and the drilling work “Kronos-1” in block 6 is expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

The results of the drilling will be announced by the companies themselves with the expectation that the exact quantity and quality of the hydrocarbons will also be announced.

It is recalled that in block 6 the Calypso deposit was discovered in 2018, without its exact quantity being announced so far. Last week, the Minister of Energy, Natasa Pileidou, stated that within the next few days the perspective of block 6 is expected to become clear.

Ms. Pileidou said that in blocks 10 and 5 there are also prospects of gas from the American Exxonmobil’s wells.

So far, however, the total confirmed amount of natural gas in the entire Cypriot EEZ is at 4 trillion cubic feet, located in the “Aphrodite” field in Block 12. It is owned by the Chevron, Shell and Delek consortium.

However, there is also a major discovery at Calypso block 6. Initial estimates were six to eight trillion cubic feet, but no exact amount has been announced so far. Therefore, these developments create an expectation that the numbers will rise in the next period.

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Turkish provocations continue

At the same time, the Turkish provocations continue, as it appears that there is concern in Nicosia about the possibility of new Turkish piracy, while they do not miss an opportunity to advertise their new illegalities.

In the video released today by the Turkish Oil Company, it appears that the rig’s preparations are in the final stage.
It is therefore reasonable for there to be concern in the Republic. Concern, expressed officially by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulidis.
Speaking on state radio, he said block six is ​​one of seven points Turkey has eyed.

Mr. Kasoulidis even expressed the wish that the exploitation process of the field would not be affected by the illegal activities of the Turkish driller Abdul Hamit Khan, who based on Ankara’s announcements will start work in August in the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is also worth mentioning that Ankara has not officially announced the location of the said seven points. However, some unofficial maps from Turkish analysts are circulating.

In the second map of the EEZ of the Republic, it shows in red the areas that Turkey considers its own and in pink the areas that the pseudo-state considers its own.

In plot “6”, Ankara considers the northern half of the plot as its own, while the southern half is where the ENI – TOTAL drilling takes place.
From the Turkish maps it appears that the Turks do not consider the area where the new deposit has been discovered their own. This does not mean, of course, that Turkey will not seek to find a way to provoke in one way or another.

It should not concern only the stage of identifying hydrocarbons, but also the stage when companies will start exploiting the available quantities. The only thing certain is that August is expected to be warm.

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