15 practical tips and tricks for Mapy.cz that you may not know

Another major update of aerial photos arrived at Mapy.cz, this time Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland received new photos. For some places, this is a big leap in quality, for example, Poland has not yet had very detailed images on Mapy.cz.

The list in its very brief notification, where he does not say exactly where he got the data from or what resolution the images have, invites you to view, for example, the Polish water canal Kanał przez Mierzeję Wiślaną, a construction monster project that was inaugurated only this September. Or to the new section of the D3 motorway near Čadek in Slovakia or to the Monte Ceneri railway tunnel in Switzerland.

Detailed images were also obtained of the Polish village of Przewodów near the Ukrainian border, which has gained attention in recent days due to a rocket explosion. However, the photos are not fresh enough to show the crater after this event.

Aerial images of the whole world were added to Mapy.cz in 2016, after an agreement the service took them from Microsoft and its Bing Maps. The exception was Slovakia, where Seznam, like in the Czech Republic, acquires its own images through the Brno company TopGis. The data for Austria was then provided directly by the Austrian authorities.

The latest aerial data on Mapy.cz came from 2018. During last year and this year, the Czechia received new records, the current news is the first step outside the borders as part of a new series of updates.

Mapy.cz in the comments on twitter they said “states provide some data, we have the latest available in that state” so apparently Bing Maps wasn’t used this time. After all, if you look at them, the records for the given territories look different (and worse) on them.

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