Facebook showed Cambria glasses.  This tasting shows which direction the mixed reality will go

The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, se on your account boasted a video in which he presents four developmental prototypes of upcoming VR glasses, which will be created under the Meta brand. While the American giant aims to create one universal glasses with maximum equipment, the current phase of prototyping looks rather the opposite. In other words, Meta has a big goal, it will only take some time …

The first prototype is Butteerscotch, ie glasses that test the highest possible pixel density. Meta targets the so-called “retinal” resolution, which is about 60 pixels per image level. The current prootype is five pixels less, but it’s still 2.5 times more than the Oculus Quest 2. The goal is maximum readability and sharpness of the text, and the current results look quite interesting compared to other glasses.

Prototype Half Dome in turn, it solves the sharpening of the eyes. With conventional VR glasses, the eyes have to constantly focus on the front and back of the image, but the spatial effect is not so “deep”. This prototype can track eye movement and virtually add depth effect where needed.

Mark Zuckerberg boasted four prototypes of VR goggles:

The third prototype Starburst are probably the first VR glasses with HDR support. Zuckerberg highlights a clearer picture for glasses than for high-end televisions. The proof is the brightness of up to 20,000 rivets (!), But for regular users half a meta should be enough. Even so, the brightness will be ten times higher than many smartphones.

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The Holocake 2 prototype is currently closest to Meta’s commercial-looking virtual reality goggles

The fourth prototype Holocake 2 is so far the closest to the final form of VR glasses, which testers already use to play computer games and titles for virtual reality. Meta also wants to test holographic lenses with this prototype, which would significantly reduce the thickness of the entire glasses.

And while the four prototypes will be on the market for at least some time to come, the closest to their launch are the Project Cambria glasses, which are set to hit the market later this year. Glasses should cost double what Oculus Quest 2so get ready for the amount of about 25 thousand crowns.

Source Mark Zuckerberg, GMW3

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