Mark Zuckerberg participated in a talk with Lex Fridman.  Capture from YouTube.

For years, the IT world, one of the strategic sectors worldwide, has faced a deficit due to the lack of technological talent to cover new projects, support areas and very specific profiles. To succeed in this technological universe, in addition to creativity, it is important to listen to those who have succeeded.

One of the authoritative voices on the matter is undoubtedly Mark Zuckerberg, who does not usually comment on these issues, but as an exception, he offered some advice for those who start seek to succeed in this world of ones and zeros.

The young millionaire, in an informal chat with the podcast of lex fridman, highlighted technology as the main job tool for young people in the coming years. However, he added a key feature to enter this booming industry: creative economy.

“Part of what I think is going to be great about the creative economy and the metaverse is that a lot more people are going to go to work doing more inventive things than I think today we would just consider traditional work or service,” he said.

Mark Zuckerberg participated in a talk with Lex Fridman. Capture from YouTube.

What is known as the creative economy does not have a single definition, according to the UN. Rather, it is an evolving concept based on the interaction between human creativity and intellectual property, knowledge and technology.

One of the great battles of humans will be against process automation. That is, all those professions where the systematization of traditional services threatens permanence. If there is something that machines do not possess, it is creativity, an essential ingredient for the technological future.

In the podcast, hosted by MIT computer scientist Lex Fridman, the 37-year-old entrepreneur opined that tech-focused jobs will increasingly dominate the world, but these won’t necessarily be the kinds of “tech jobs” we know today.

Zuckerberg’s three tips for working in the IT sector

Advice for those looking for jobs in the IT sector.  Photo Shutterstock

Advice for those looking for jobs in the IT sector. Photo Shutterstock

The current CEO of Meta, shared with the listeners the three lessons she gives her daughters every night. In one of them he points out that “You have to focus more on social relationships than on a specific job goal,” he said.

For the entrepreneur, the “important things in life” are those that cannot be bought. For this reason, he reminds his children that “health comes first, staying in good shape. Friends and family come second, having time for these relationships is perhaps the most important thing in the world.”

During the interview with Fridman, Zuckerberg insisted on the need to allow small preserve their imaginative powers throughout its growth. “All children are artists. However, the tricky thing,” she says, is making it easier for them to develop that quality during their growth stages.

Another of Zuckerberg’s maxims is that he he would never hire a person with whom he did not see himself working. This strategy creates a work environment that is more cohesive and more productive since, if you work with a team in which its members share the same values ​​on a human level, the chances of achieving work objectives increase. At the end of the day, “choosing people who are going to work side by side is no different from choosing friends or a partner,” he explains.


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