Martins: "Test time - I will support Liverpool because of Tsimika"

Pedro Martins, in his statements in view of the match of Olympiakos against Aris, stressed that from now on he will test players in view of the new season. He also referred to Costas Tsimikas.

Olympiacos is hosted by Aris (8/5, 21:00) at Kleanthis Vikelidis for the 7th game of the playoffs of the Super League Interwetten. Pedro Martins, in his statements to NOVA, stressed that from now on players will be tested in view of the new season.

In addition, he talked about Costas Tsimikas, while when asked if he will support the Reds in the Champions League final, he answered in the affirmative.

In detail, Martins’s statements:

The plan for the sequel: “It is an opportunity to give rest time to players who need it. It is also an opportunity to do our analysis for next year’s players, in order to draw conclusions, so that who will be with us next. “We are talking about the cases of Fadiga, Sourlis that will be an opportunity for them to be tested. It is a good opportunity to test players and make analyzes. Bagalianis and Kinkue are among them.”

On whether he has such faces in mind during the season and not just in the final: “This is exactly what we want to see. To make the right assessments of whether they can be members next year. We have to see them in action, “We need to give them toys and they do the preparation. We intend them to be with us in the preparation, to be better appreciated and to draw the right conclusions.”

For the fact that the opponents have an active motivation: “We have to defend our image, that we are serious. We want to be careful until the end of the year and to have good quality in our games”.

For Aris: “Strong, as it always is. Together with Panathinaikos, they are teams that have improved this year. Aris, especially in the playoffs, we expect a strong team”.

For Costas Tsimikas who qualified with Liverpool in the Champions League final: “I always said that Costas has unlimited possibilities and ability to adapt to any environment, even the demanding Liverpool. Tsimikas was a child I loved very much, I always believed “In his abilities, in his strength, in his will. They are characteristics that he proves and we always knew that he has them. To be a nice final and for everyone to enjoy it”

On whether he will support Liverpool: “For Costa, yes”.

For Costas Roussos, the caregiver: “He is going through difficult times, we are with him whatever is needed”.


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