Mavroyiannis: In a five-year horizon, we want to look the citizens in the eye

The independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, held a political rally in the community of Pervolion last night, as part of his tour in Larnaca.

In the presence of a crowd of supporters of his candidacy, Andreas Mavroyiannis, emphasized that the goal of his administration is to bring real progressive change. “In a five-year horizon and after we have implemented our governance program, we should be able to look the citizens in the eye and say with transparency and accountability, “yes, we have achieved our goals””.

He then referred to corruption and entanglement, underlining that the state of a society that wants to be called democratic cannot be understood to have turned into a mechanism for serving the interests of the few.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, A. Mavroyiannis stated that we must create hope even from stone, in order to be able to resolve it. “We must insist, consistently on the Christofia-Talat convergences and on the six Guterres points. The ILO with political equality, as envisaged in the UN Resolutions, is the only way to achieve peace, which will ensure the security of citizens, one citizenship and one sovereignty”, he added.

At the same time, he made a report on energy and the issue of accuracy. “The inaction of the outgoing government that has appeared in many areas has resulted in citizens being forced to pay unaffordable costs in electricity, rent and goods. With the main burden being asked to be shouldered by low-paid and low-pensioners,” he added.

Concluding, he emphasized that the goal of his administration is to improve our education and to be related to research, innovation, technology, and industry.

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