Michailidou: Children with disabilities must be included in the classroom (VIDEO)

The Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Despo Michailidou, was hosted at Tomes sa Gegonota, who spoke about the complaint of KYSOA, but also about the international day of children’s rights.

He initially mentioned that tomorrow there will be a concert at the Strovolos Municipal Theater where many children will participate. “It is a set of children made up of children from different groups, with a migration background and from vulnerable refugee families.” He noted that all the children will be represented and will provide a musical spectacle invoking their demand for respect for rights.

He clarified that the number of poor children is increasing. “We are not in the worst position. We are among the countries with the least poverty. But there is an increasing trend.”

Mrs. Michailidou said that “we have to pay attention to why the war, the economic crisis and the pandemic lead children to financial hardship”.

He also spoke about the 8-year-old student with a disability and the KYSOA complaint, stressing that he has not studied the details of the case. “We have positions on uniform education and we expressed our opposition to the bill that was withdrawn by the Ministry of Education.”

Finally, he stated that children with disabilities must be included in the classroom with appropriate aids and companions. “That way we will have equal opportunity for children and education.”

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Watch the video:

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