Microsoft 365 for families has never been cheaper than it is now.  And we have a trick to save even more

A bundle of Microsoft 365 services and products can be very beneficial, but it depends on your needs. The family subscription offers up to six accounts, each getting a terabyte of OneDrive space. It also installs Office on multiple computers, mobile phones and tablets. Subscriptions are regularly discounted. But you can save even more by combining subscription types.

The recommended price of Microsoft 365 for families is CZK 2,699 per year. The manufacturer sells the service at this price on your website. In Czech stores, however, the package regularly appears at a discount of around 1,500 CZK. The best event ever is happening right now when Amazon is selling the license for 27 months for 92 euros, converted to CZK 2,300. That is, CZK 85 per month for complete MS Office and 1TB capacity on OneDrive for six people.

There is a way how to theoretically save more more. Or how to save at any time, even if there is no event at the moment. You can buy (multiple times) an individual subscription, which is always cheaper. You can then upgrade it to a family edition by activating the family version.

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These are the recommended subscription prices, but you will often find them in e-shops
at lower prices. Discount events are quite common

It’s a gray area, but Microsoft lists this procedure on your website. If he didn’t want to have such access to subscriptions, he wouldn’t have to. But currently the Microsoft 365 subscription is set up in such a way that when you extend it, the newly purchased period is added to the existing one and at the same time the entire period is subject to the last activated license.

How to upgrade to a family subscription

Example. Let’s say you have 6 months left on your individual subscription. You buy a family subscription for 12 months and activate it in your Microsoft account. The periods add up, i.e. you have a Microsoft 365 subscription for 18 months. At the same time, it is true that the individual subscription period is hereby upgraded to the family versionso you have an 18-month subscription to Microsoft 365 for families.

Microsoft allows you to activate your subscription for several years in advance. When the individual subscription is discounted, you can buy it for, say, three years. Then you add a family subscription for a year and Microsoft will convert you to a family subscription for the entire period. So you have four years of a family subscription, which of course cost you less than if you bought four annual family subscriptions.

You’ll also save thousands

An example from practice. Let’s say you buy Microsoft 365 for individuals for 799 CZK. It now offers a boxed version for that price Datart, ElectroWorld and Planed. When you buy two licenses you get 24 months for sixteen hundred. Even if you subsequently added a family subscription at the full recommended price, 36 months would have cost you CZK 4,300. You would normally pay CZK 8,100 in three years, i.e. almost twice as much.

And if you combine two current promotions, i.e. you buy two annual individual box licenses for a total of CZK 1,600 and then the 27-month family package from Amazon for CZK 2,300, you will have Microsoft 365 for six people for four years and three months for only CZK 3,900, i.e. 76 CZK per month.

You cannot activate your subscription indefinitely. The ceiling is five years, while in the world of software and internet services we can’t imagine anyone wanting to subscribe for a longer period anyway. Theoretically, however, you can continue the described procedure next time.

If you activate Microsoft 365 for individuals before your subscription expires, your subscription will become an individual version, which you will then upgrade to a family version. Product keys do not have an expiration date, so in theory you can buy them in stock and activate them years later, but you would have to be very sure that you will still need the service in, say, seven years.

Thanks to our developer for the tip.

Resources: Microsoft 365 support | Microsoft Community (1, 2)

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