Microsoft's unique driver will allow even people with disabilities to mate

Four years ago, Microsoft designed a unique Xbox Adaptive Controller for the handicapped. The set of large buttons, touchpads and joysticks was supposed to open video games to those who can’t use regular controls. Similar accessories now company states even for computers. The so-called Adaptive Accessories represents mouse and keyboard.

Mouse Adaptive Mouse is modular in its presentation. It consists of a basic block with an optical sensor, two buttons and a wheel, which is connected via USB-C, but also works wirelessly. By default, there is a square module that can be used separately, but Microsoft calculates that it is stored in the body of the mouse. He will offer one of these himself, but leave the rest to the imagination of the users. With the help of 3D printers, they will be able to produce a mouse in the shape that suits them best.

He then made a keyboard instead Adaptive Hubto which up to four join Adaptive Buttons. These will normally be available in three versions – as a two-button trigger, joystick or eight-way controller. Even with Adaptive Buttons, it is possible to change the upper parts so that they adapt to the handicap as well as possible.

But the drivers themselves can’t do much. Therefore, Microsoft is trying to make Windows 11 a system that will go for people with different types of disabilities as much as possible opposite. It can be controlled by voice. At the same time, the blind can use the reading of all texts, while the deaf can use the transcription of speech to text using live subtitling. And for those with attention deficit disorder, a concentration regime will help. Unfortunately, speech and text tools are only available in English.

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