The Czech transcription of the spoken word during online meetings is no longer taboo.  It is supported by Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has proven to be successful in suppressing unwanted noise during video chat. Before the end of 2020 “Artificial intelligence” to filter background sounds on the Teams platform. He responded to the growing need to meet online due to restrictions caused by coronavirus pandemics.

The filter should remove everything that is not your voice, including the hum of the vacuum cleaner, but also others irregular sounds. Conventional filters suppress consistent noise. The feature was first optional, then the Redmonds applied it to all calls, but only in Teams for Windows.

Only now is it finally got on macOS and iOS. It is not clear why it took so long. In its own survey, which tested the capabilities of the new filter, Microsoft recorded 32% fewer complaints about annoying background noises during video calls thereafter. It filters out all non-speech sounds high level of noise suppression.

Other news previously promised include inclusion of Teams in the Microsoft Store. It is one of the cases when a blacksmith’s mare (incomprehensibly) walks barefoot. In Eleven, the client is integrated, if you still use Tens, you can aim to the catalog. As we recently pointed out, this is not a client for everyone.

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