Call of Duty on PlayStation for another 10 years.  Microsoft came up with a new offer for Sony

Although a pair of Microsoft authorities have already consecrated the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, they still need to get approval from another 14. The British commission has begun a more thorough investigation, to which Sony has published new documents. In them, he states, among other things, that if the deal goes through, a lot of players would switch from PlayStation, Microsoft could raise the price of its console, and in the midst of it all, even smaller developers would be harmed.

A very important topic in these conjectures is the Call of Duty series, and this time is no different. Microsoft says in one of its statements that Nintendo is proof that even without Call of Duty it is possible to prosper. But Sony responds by saying that Microsoft is ignoring the facts. “Microsoft says that Nintendo’s different model shows that PlayStation doesn’t need Call of Duty to still be a strong competitor. But it reveals its true strategy. Microsoft wants to put the PlayStation in the position of Nintendo, so it would not be such a rival for the Xbox.

It continues in the spirit that Xbox would become the only platform where you can find all the shooters that have topped the sales charts among console games. In addition to Call of Duty, it’s Halo, Gears of War, Doom or Overwatch.

It is also said that Call of Duty has achieved incredible sales since the first installment. Unfortunately, what percentage of players Sony PlayStation would lose is not publicly available. “OFwhile ignoring these facts, Microsoft argues that Nintendo is successful without Call of Duty. But Nintendo offers a different experience from both Xbox and PlayStation because it focuses on family games, which are very different from PEGI 18-rated games like Call of Duty.

Sony’s arguments make some sense. After all, there was no mention of Nintendo in matters related to this acquisition. It’s generally taken to go at one’s own pace and watch the PlayStation battle with the Xbox. However, it’s still hard to say if the impacts would really be as big as Sony describes them. But Call of Duty is undoubtedly an important brand for him. They have worked with Activision for many years and the new installments are consistently among the most played games on PS4 and PS5. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.


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