Ministry of Cooperation  of Commerce and FED to control misleading advertising

The cooperation of the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry with the Advertising Control Agency (FED) was announced on Friday at a press conference held at the Ministry, in the presence of the Minister, Natasa Pileidou. According to the announcement, following a request by the FED, it was recognized as the appropriate mechanism for handling complaints about misleading advertisements.

In her statement, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Natasa Pileidou, welcomed the FED’s initiative to request recognition from the Consumer Protection Service (CPS), which constitutes, as she said, a development that comes to cover the need for a mechanism to handle complaints about misleading and unfairly comparative advertising.

“We consider such collaborations to be particularly important, as they are another tool in the effort made to promote, strengthen and maintain healthy competition and consumer protection,” Ms. Pileidou noted.

In the coming period, the FED will promote with a media campaign the possibility given to consumers and businesses to turn to it for consideration of their complaints about misleading or comparative advertising quickly and efficiently. It is emphasized that the examination of consumer complaints is free of charge.

As the Minister explained, from now on, when the Ministry of Internal Affairs receives a complaint concerning misleading advertising from a trader to a trader or unfair comparative advertising from a trader to a trader and/or consumers, it may ask the complainant to appeal to the FED for examination of the his complaint.

The Agency’s decision will then be communicated to the Consumer Protection Service, which will either adopt it or investigate further, if necessary, before making its final decision on the consumer’s complaint.

On behalf of the Agency, the President of Sotiroullas Sotiriou, stated that the FED is the most suitable mechanism for examining complaints related to misleading and comparative advertisements. It offers, as he said, “important services in our common effort for a well-functioning market and protects consumers.”

He added that in its 10 years of operation, the FED has handled more than 180 cases and more than 80 decisions are published on its website and noted that they consider it an honor for the Body to be recognized by the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry and of the YPK.

“The seamless implementation of what is provided for in Part III of the Consumer Protection Act of 2021 shields all those parties who desire a healthy competitive market on fair terms,” ​​he concluded.

Source: KYPE

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