More polluting and less safe?  The reasons why Paris wants to ban electric scooters

Paris would be trying to execute a plan to eliminate the rental of electric skates for its citizens. The use of this equipment would have become increasingly popular, benefiting the companies that are responsible for its manufacture.

It would be mainly in the French city where these vehicles would be most welcome. However, the lack of sustainability would represent a big problem for the Parisian authorities. Apparently, electric skates would not be “as ecological” as they seem, since their useful life, on average, would turn out to be very short.

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This aspect would completely change its conception as an “ecological and sustainable vehicle”. So much would their wear and tear that once a month a diving team must be hired in the city to clean the bottom of the Senna river, since many skates end up there after the end of their life.

Highest number of accidents with electric skates

Its durability would not be the only problem that this team would have. Paris is home to more than 15,000 electric scooters for rent and a year ago more than 1.2 million users were registered. Based on these figures, it is concerning that the first nine months of 2022 have been reported up to 337 accidents caused by misuse of the vehicle.

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The companies that distribute the skates in Paris defend their use by arguing that the city already takes sufficient measures to stop accidents. In the French capital, for example, its use is restricted to bicycle lanes and only with a single person on board.

Even so, the Parisian authorities continue to evaluate whether or not to restrict the rental of these vehicles, despite their increasing popularity and practicality.

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