Murder Central: Tatar met Chidan's family

The family of the 41-year-old T/k Tansu Cidan who was killed in the Central Prisons was met today by the T/k leader Ersin Tatar.

As reported by the occupied territories, Tatar said that all necessary “diplomatic and political efforts have been made to kill Cidan in prison under the responsibility of the military administration”.

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He also said that his special representative Ergun “Olgyun and his counterpart (Menelaus Menelaus) exchanged written and verbal information three times through the common contact point in the dead zone.”

He also said that Olgiun and Menelaus will meet on November 24 on this issue.

Expressing his condolences he said that the contacts made through three different channels will continue until there is a satisfactory outcome.

Source: RES-MPE

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