Musk discounted absolute freedom of speech.  He will follow the law on Twitter

When Elon Musk made a $ 44 billion deal last month, he announced that he wanted to make the social network a little freer. He did not say exactly what it would mean in practice. But now he was talking about a question everyone had asked since the beginning of the business. Will US ex-president Donald Trump be able to return to Twitter? Musk said yes.

Trump’s Twitter account was blocked in January 2021, explaining the ex-president’s repeated violations of network rules. The American politician has long been on the verge of sharing slightly misinformation posts, but the last straw, from Twitter’s point of view, was Trump’s comments approving the attack on the Capitol, during which several people died.

It was an unprecedented move then. No social network has ever blocked such a high-ranking politician, and there is an immediate debate over whether Twitter goes too far and censors. One of the critics of this approach was Elon Musk.

Therefore, if Musk manages to complete the deal and take over Twitter, he will allow Trump to return. The head of Tesla confirmed this this week at a conference dedicated to the future of cars, organized by the Financial Times, the daily writes The Guardian.

“I don’t think it was right to ban Donald Trump’s account. It was a mistake (…) that did not lead to Trump losing his vote, “said Musk, after which he described Twitter’s decision as morally wrong and extremely foolish. According to him, the move only led to the fact that Trump’s support among the people on the political right increased even more.

Former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey responded to Musk’s words shortly afterwards. He saidthat he agrees with the head of Tesla that permanent account bans do not work, although there are exceptions.

The future of Twitter is also being addressed by the EU

The lifting of the Trump ban is the most concrete example of a change in Twitter’s approach that Musk is planning. The account of one politician is not important, but the whole case from the beginning acts as a precedent for other bans. Users will probably have a slightly freer hand on what they can write on the “new” Twitter.

But it will still have to be within the law. EU Internal Commissioner Thierry Brenton spoke to Musk about the issue, according to whom the head of Tesla is in favor of complying with the Digital Services Act, which the European Union is to approve at the end of this year. Among other things, the package of laws defines the obligations of social networks.

“Musk is a good man, but I will not return”

Trump is suing Twitter for his ban, meanwhile setting up his own social network called Truth Social as a symbol of resistance, on which he promises more freedom of speech. Because of this network, he also said in April that even if Musk (whom he called a good man) would allow him to return to Twitter, he would not return. The ex-president told the television Fox News.

But the truth is that Truth Social is no hit, it is still struggling to gain users. Even the very start of the network was not very successful, half the people did not work. And since there is speculation that Trump will want to run again in the presidential election, he can be expected to return to Twitter – after all, reaching out to voters is often more important in politics than staying true to his previous claims.

Musk also said at a car conference that his purchase of Twitter could be completed in two to three months at best. He did not talk about the amount, however, investors approached by the agency Reuters thinks it will cut its $ 44 billion offer due to the sharp fall in the stock market in recent days. Twitter shares fell 3 percent on Tuesday alone, and the fall has been even more pronounced since April.

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