NBA: A victory away from the championship the Warriors

With Andrew Wiggins making one of the best games of his career, the Warriors prevailed 104-94 over the Celtics in San Francisco in Game 5 of the League Final and made it 3-2 in a row. Now the “warriors” are just one victory away from their 4th championship in 8 years and will have the opportunity to win it in Boston in the early hours of Friday (17/6, 04:00). If the Celtics draw 3-3, the series will return to San Francisco for Game 7 in the early hours of Monday (20/6, 03:00). So far all five games have been judged by a difference of 10 or more points.

The twelve minutes: 27-16, 51-39, 75-74, 104-94

Wiggins finished the game with 26 points and 13 rebounds while 21 points with 5/11 three points were added by Clay Thompson. Thompson even surpassed LeBron James (101) and climbed to second place on the list with the most three-pointers in the history of the playoffs with 104 three-pointers. Steph Curry remains in first place with 146, although for the first time after 132 consecutive playoff games he failed to score a three-pointer. Curry finished the match with 16 points and 0/9 three points.

For the Celtics, Jason Tatum had 27 points, Marcus Smart had 20 points and Jalen Brown had 18 points.

The compositions:

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS (Steve Kerr): Green 8, Porter 2, Wiggins 26, Curry 16, Thompson 21 (5), Bielitsa, Cuminga, Iguodala, Tuscany-Anderson, Looney 2, Lee, Peyton 14 (1) 3), Moody

BOSTON CELTICS (Ime Udoka): Tatum 27 (5), Horford 9 (2), R. Williams 10, Smart 20 (3), Brown 18, G. Williams 3, Corne 3 (1), Morgan, Hauser, Nesmi , White 1, Pritchard, Stauskas

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