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Netflix, HBO and more for the weekend: Sandman, the new Predator, the latest Bond and the groundbreaking Spider-Man: Homeless

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Predator: Prey

The year is 1719, and on the plains of North America in the Comanche tribe, the girl Naru wants to show that even women can hunt and pass a big test. But an unexpected space hunter has the same plan. A return to the roots and essence of the Predator. A couple of fighters in the middle of the wilderness and against them an invisible enemy.

IMDB rating: 64%

  • Original title: Prey
  • Science Fiction Movies (2022)
  • CZ subtitles
  • Disney+

Racket player

The story of a real astronaut who inspired the Buzz the Rocket toy. He embarks on a dangerous mission through time to save himself and his space expedition. Although Woody from Toy Story fell in love with this story, it is more of a grown-up and serious sci-fi story.

IMDB rating: 56%

  • Original title: Lightyear
  • Animated Movies (2022)
  • CZ subtitles
  • CZ dubbing
  • Disney+


The sorcerer tries to ensnare Death to negotiate eternal life. However, he accidentally imprisons her brother Sen, who remains captive for several decades. After his escape, he embarks on a journey to regain his power. The much-anticipated adaptation of the legendary comic from the DC publishing house.

IMDB rating: 95%

  • Original title: The Sandman
  • Comic Book Series (2022)
  • 12 episodes (new from 08/05/2022)
  • CZ subtitles, CZ dubbing
  • Netflix

There is no time to die

James Bond has retired from active duty and is enjoying retirement in Jamaica. But when Felix Leiter asks for his help, Bond must return and embark on a rescue mission for the kidnapped scientist. The definitive farewell to James Bond with the face of Daniel Craig.

IMDB rating: 76%

  • Original title: No Time to Die
  • Action Movies (2021)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • HBO

Spider-Man: Homeless

After revealing his identity, Peter Parker tries to turn everything around using the magic of Doctor Stephen Strange. But a failed experiment leads to the opening of the multiverse and the arrival of villains who once fell in the fight with Spider-Man. Can Peter stop them, or will he have to get a helping hand? A must for fans of all the Spider-Man movies, whose universes come together beautifully here.

IMDB rating: 83%

  • Original title: Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Comic Book Movies (2021)
  • CZ subtitles
  • CZ dubbing
  • HBO
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