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Instagram will start testing a new design of its ‘feed’ to offer the content in full screen, very similar to the format of TikToka movement that seeks to give greater prominence to the videos and images that are included in this section.

The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced the start of these tests through its Instagram accountwhere he has shared a video in his stories in which he shows how the vertical full-screen design of the ‘feed’ works.

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“We want to make it easier to discover content and connect with friends,” he indicated in this demo, where you can see a video with the name of the user who posted it, followed by the description, at the bottom of the screen.

Once inside the content, it opens in full screen and is separated from the rest of the videos in the ‘feed’ with margins of the screen theme color, in this case black, when scrolling.

Story published by the CEO of Instagram in which he announces the new ‘feed’ that they will test in the coming weeks.

This format would be very similar to the one offered by Reels, short videos that can be edited, with music or Augmented Reality (AR) effects, which the social network introduced in August 2020.

After this brief introduction, Zuckerberg has recalled that “Photos are still an important part of Instagram” and has advanced that the company is working on new formats “to improve the way they are displayed in a full screen Feed.”

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At the moment, it has not given more details about this feature, although he has commented that some users will begin to see these screen tests soon and that he hopes to receive a ‘feedback’ of the experience.

Zuckerberg thus confirms what Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced last May, announcing that the company had begun experimenting with a full-screen vertical feed.

Then, some Instagram users came to criticize this modification, since the full screen did not allow to display the content correctly, since it came to hide the subtitles or the comments of the videos.

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It should also be remembered that this is not the first time that Meta, owner of Instagram, acknowledges that it is favoring the transformation of its services to present a visual format more similar to that of its direct competitor, TikTok.

In fact, this Monday The Verge shared an internal document in which the person in charge of Facebook, Tom Alison, details the different strategic lines proposed by Meta to offer features similar to the platform of Chinese origin.

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