Nikos Christodoulidis answered questions from TEPAK students

The independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, was recently a guest on TEPAK’s radio station, Cut Radio, and answered the questions of University students, as well as journalist Giorgos Michael.

According to a related announcement, Mr. Christodoulidis received questions, among others, on issues related to education, housing, punctuality, immigration, the Cyprus issue, the economy and the labor market.

Expressing his satisfaction with the fact that a significant number of students are interested in the commons, he referred, among other things, to the proposals of his government’s education program.

More specifically, it is added, he referred to the implementation of the institution of professional guidance from the 6th Primary School with the aim of the correct and targeted choice of direction of the students based on their abilities, to the implementation of the institution of the Technical High School on the model of the Sports and Music High School, to linking education with the labor market and the economy through the involvement of all the productive forces of the country with the aim of developing the necessary skills of tomorrow.

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