Occupied: 'Prosecution' demands increase in sentence for Bayrak's director

An appeal was lodged by the former director of Bayrak, Merım κούzkürt, who was sentenced to 2 months in prison and the next hearing is scheduled for June 22, at the request of the “prosecution” to be given more time to file the same appeal.

According to the GTP, Yeni Duzan states that Ozkurt’s lawyers, Salih Jan Doratli and Faizi Hansel, did not object to the postponement.

According to the publication, the “prosecution” side is asking for an increase in the sentence imposed on Ozkurt and its lawyers are asking for a reduction.

The “trial” was attended by a group of “Bayrak” workers as a sign of support, journalists, representatives from Bay – Sen and Ozkurt’s family.

Source: KYPE

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