Olympiacos in the Final Four!

It was the craziest series of EuroLeague playoffs. It was a duel of two boxers. Olympiacos and Monaco gave a shocking show to the European basketball community, with Kevin Durand on the podium, with Emma Stone a little closer enjoying the atmosphere, with George Bartzokas’s players enduring the hardships, enduring the hunt and finally to survive.

The triumph over the Monegasques (94-88) sent them to the Final Four in Belgrade (19-21 / 5), to the eleventh mini-tournament in their history and to the European champion Anadolu Efes, for the forty minutes that will lead to the trophy match. . Wednesday night (4/5) was difficult, it was thrilling, it was a great basketball night that we missed, a night that Greek basketball needed to return to the elite of Europe.

Great match by Kostas Sloukas (15 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists), big match by Thomas Wookup (17 points, 4/5 two points, 3/5 three points), big match by Sakil McKissick who kept his team in second period (18 points, 4/4 two points, 2/3 three points, 4/4 shots), big match and by Tyler Dorsey (16 points) who put the big, winning shot.

The statistics that stood out

Olympiakos closed the season with 3/12 shots, Monaco had 5/19. The percentages of both teams said it all about their overall picture in the ten minutes, at halftime the hosts had 10/10 shots, but also ten shots less than the guests who had taken half the points (24 out of 48) from Lee and Ouattara who counted 7/9 three points. Olympiakos made a mistake from the 12th to the 30th minute, Monaco closed the third period with 12/25 three-pointers and 48% accuracy, but in the end they counted almost 70% of the red and whites in the two-pointer and one mistake in the last 28 minutes of the match.

The race

Wokap, Dorsey, Papanikolaou, Vezenkov, Fal were as always the first five of Bartzoka, with Pap appearing the most ready of all, but Monaco superior and more balanced. He was ineffective in the long shot, but had five offensive rebounds for 6-10 in the seventh minute. She also had a strong defense, exactly the one she needed in such an atmosphere, when Olympiakos committed its first foul of the season, seconds before its final.

Paris Lee did a lot of damage with his peripheral shots, he scored 16-24 in 12 ‘, at a time when Monaco had already taken control of the match, through its defense and determination, he also scored 19- 30 with a new shot from a distance in 14 ‘. McKissick was the best that Olympiacos had to present in the match, his own score kept Piraeus close (28-35 in 15 ‘), he took one attack after another without wasting them, reduced it to five ( 36-41) reaching 16 points, but again Monaco had answers. Ouattara put back-to-back three-pointers for 38-48, with the half time score (41-48) being fair according to the image of the two teams in the twenty minutes.

As much as Olympiakos wanted to quickly gnaw the difference at the beginning of the second half, so Monaco endured. And he endured with Watara doing things and miracles and with James scoring a float for 45-53 in 23 ‘. But that was the time for Wookup, who scored in rebounds, played great defenses, tied at 55-55, with Hassan Martin scoring for 62-62 in 28 ‘, the game evolving into a thriller and James scoring outrageously three points for 66-70 at the end of the third period. Dorsey gave the foul he had to give, but the American went to his place in the corner and …

The fact that the Piraeus had the first possession of the fourth helped them to believe more in themselves. Vezenkov scored a four-pointer for 72-72 in the 31st minute, Slukas scored a three-pointer for 75-75 when James went on the bench with four fouls at 8:32 for the final, Lee and Hall also had four with him. first to stay on the floor and finally to make the fifth that sent him out of the match in 34 ‘. And when the ball was burning, when it weighed tons, Sloukas scored with a three-pointer 89-83 in 38 ‘, with James answering in the same way, with Sloukas shooting for +5 and Dorsey scoring a crazy three-pointer for the 94-88 that judged the match. James found a board and the story was written in red and white.

THE REFEREES: Lamonika, Radovic, Perez

THE TEN MINUTES: 11-13, 41-48, 66-70, 94-88

OLYMPIAKOS (Bartzokas): Wokup 17 (4/5 two points, 3/5 three points, 2 assists), Dorsey 16 (4/6 two points, 2/5 three points, 2/3 shots), Lountzis, Larentzakis, Fal 4 (4 assists), Sloukas 15 (1/3 two points, 2/2 three points, 7/8 shots, 5 rebounds, 5 assists), Martin 9 (3/3 two points, 3/4 shots), Vezenkov 9 (2/5 three points, 7 rebounds), Printezis , Papanikolaou 6 (2 rebounds), McKissick 18 (4/4 two points, 2/3 three points, 4/4 shots)

MONACO (Obradovic): (2/3 two points, 3/5 three points, 1/1 shot, 3 rebounds), Bacon 12 (3/10 two points, 1/2 three points, 3/3 shots, 4 rebounds, 2 assists), Westerman, Thomas 6 (8 rebounds, 1 assist), Motiejunas 7 (1 3-pointer, 4 rebounds), Ouattara 15 (5/7 3-pointers, 4 rebounds), Andjusic 5 (1), Hall 5 (2 rebounds), James 24 (4/7 2-pointers) , 2/10 three points, 10/11 shots, 4 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 errors)

The team statistics of Olympiacos: 20/29 two points, 11/23 three points, 21/25 shots, 26 rebounds (23 defensive – 3 offensive), 18 assists, 2 steals, 8 errors, 2 blocks

Monaco team statistics: 17/34 two points, 13/31 three points, 15/16 shots, 31 rebounds (20 defensive – 11 offensive), 16 assists, 5 steals, 8 errors, no blocks

Results / series program

Game 1: Olympiacos – Monaco 71-54

Game 2: Olympiacos – Monaco 72-96

Game 3: Monaco – Olympiacos 83-87

Game 4: Monaco – Olympiacos 78-77

Game 5: Olympiacos – Monaco 94-88

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